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Our mission is to turn the world into fresh food addicts. At Habitual fix you won’t find processed rubbish – all of our ingredients are on display and everything is made right in front of you, we have nothing to hide.

All our fruits and vegetables are delivered fresh into store daily and our meats are of the highest deli grade. Our signature home style bread is baked fresh early each morning which is a bit of a bugger for our bakers when they have hangovers but it is all done to deliver on our fresh promise.

 Unlike most other franchises in New Zealand, Habitual Fix is NZ born and raised bringing our clean, green reputation straight to our customers. This ties in perfectly with our fresh range of salads, sandwiches, juices and smoothies. Unlike most other food outlets our ingredients are on display, our food is able to be customised and it is made fresh right before your eyes. 

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Freshness – Mexico grows so much fresh produce. It’s packed into every dish, piled high in the markets, sold on every street corner & there’s still enough to feed a monumental 70% of the US. So we use the freshest ingredients & our luchadors’ biceps prove what it takes to smash a 10kg crate of fresh avocados into guacamole each day, in every store.

Colour – It’s healthy to eat a rainbow, right? So we build our burritos with yellow, brown, black, red, white & several shades of green before you’ve even chosen your filling & salsas, just look inside & see!

Flavour – Feel like you’ve been hit around the head with a rosemary bush & half a tonne of peeved pot-roast? We make no apologies for the authentic taste of our 6 hour slow-cooked Carnitas, if it’s too much, try the chicken. It’s marinated overnight in chipotle & grilled fresh. If flavour is not your thing, try a cheese sandwich from the nearest service station.Vegan? No problemo? Food allergen? For sure! 

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 In January 2007, Clovis Young had a vision; they saw it was time to give Australians the Mexican food they deserve… Fresh, fast, full of flavour and just a little bit funky, and so Mad Mex was born! Today Mad Mex’s quick service restaurants have customers queuing, landlords clamoring and competitors coveting their run-away success.  

In 2012 James Tucker identified the popularity and explosive growth of Mexican QSR’s internationally and wanted to get in on the ground floor here in NZ. After numerous research trips and even considering establishing a brand from scratch, we stumbled upon Mad Mex. Obviously the market leader in Australia, and run by an awesome team of high-energy over-achievers, it was an easy decision to make to hitch our ride to their bandwagon. In March 2013 we opened out Lambton Square store in Wellington to long lines of enthusiastic customers and the rest is history. 



 The Habitual Story has humble beginnings in 2006 when founder James Tucker became tired of the so-called “fresh” food options being anything but what they claimed to be. He enlisted culinary help in the form of Tim Benest to create good honest food and voilà, the ‘fresh food addicts’ were born. From there it was a two-year long process of selecting only the freshest growers and producers to bring together the finest ingredients for the Habitual range. Some suppliers weren’t up to the task so were quickly voted off the island; some left running, their produce being thrown at them - we won’t tell you what we did to an unsuccessful carrot supplier. We are that passionate about good food and we just wanted somewhere to get real food fast!. So, after thousands of hours of preparation, we finally opened our concept store in Beaumont Street, Auckland late in 2008….. 




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